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Rotary Screw Compressor


Why not choose our screw compressor they offer; low noise, low speed, foam coated steel cabinet for noise reduction, and low maintenance.

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Piston Compressor


These compressors are versatile high performance and long life. Built with cast iron inline pumps, they hold the best cost benefit ratio.

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Oil Free Compressor


Developed especially for the medical and odonatological applications. The Schulz line of Oil Free compressor promotes a better quality and safety in all clinic procedures.

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Air Dryers


The ADS Schulz line of air dryers was designed to facilitate inspection and maintenance operations.The panels are easily removable and allow immediate access to internal components. ADS Schulz dryers are equipped with a quick disconnected automatic drain valve which does not require any special tools for maintenance and cleaning.

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Bare Pumps


The best in cast Iron Compressor.

  • Solid cast iron construction
  • Splash oil lubricated pump
  • CNC machined - ISO 9002
  • Large Swedish stainless steel
  • reed valves
  • Traditional V cylinder design
  • Maximum pressure - 175psi

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Parts & Lubrication


At Ultimate Compressor we offer OEM and Aftermarket parts for most compressors. We can get you anything from a simple air filter to a large tank. We got you cover.

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