Questions & Answers

Questions about air compressor

Why I would need to upgrade to a Rotary Screw Compressor?

There are many factors that must be observed before deciding to upgrade to a rotary screw compressor.

1. One reason is based on your absolute air demand caused by either a sudden increase business or expanding your production line with new equipment. 

2. Your piston compressor is constantly running due to your demand increase. Pistons are made to run a max of 80 percent of the time and does need a break to prevent any overheating issues or excessive wear to the internal parts as well as the electric motor. 

3. Your air system is having pressure drop issues because your piston compressor cannot keep up with such a high demand. 

Rotary screw is not always the best option in some cases. So please contact our professional team to evaluate your system to come up with the best efficient solution for your business.

How do I know what is the right size piston compressor to purchase?

You must first find out what CFM and PSI you absolutely need to operate. You can find out by looking at the data plates of the machinery you are using or the technical manuals from the tools.

The second thing you must factor is the pipe size and distance, knowing this information will help you come up with the total numbers you will need.

Once the total number is known, you then decide if you would like to add addition CFM to the total for future expansion. How much to add will determine on your business projection.

What is pressure drop?

Pressure drop issues happens when your air demand is much greater than what the air system can provide. This leads to poor performance, excessive energy consumption, and machines using the air cannot operate correctly. Pressure drop can be caused by undersized piping, no header loop pipe system, or the compressor is to small for the system. 

The real solution to this problem is by figuring out the best way to get more air storage first either through enlarging the pipe sized used, larger tank, or upgrading the size of the compressor unit. 

Why do I have water in my lines and how to prevent it?

When air is compressed, everything that was in that volume of air gets compressed with it such as gases, water, dust, dirt, and much more. All machines that compresses air will consume and discharge water. It’s all normal no worries. 

Now depending on the industry you are in water is not a good thing at all in your air system for most.

If you currently have a dryer and water separator but you are still having water issues, your dryer might be undersized or in a bad location where the environment is affecting the dew point capabilities of the dryer.

It is important to have the properly sized dryer, water separators and electronic drain valves to prevent any water issues in your air system.  

Why do I need an electronic drain valve (EDV)?

Air tanks must be drained daily due to all the water produced by the compressor unit. If tank is not drained it could lead to more serious issues in time such as compressor unit not being able to compress air because it is backed up with water or the air receiver will have structural internal damage leading to the bottom rusting out. Electronic drain valves is a timed drain where you can set to get rid of the water residual throughout the day. This leaves you one less task to due at the end of your busy day. 

Can I use PVC pipe for my air system

PVC piping is NOT RECOMMENDED for use with compressed air. It is often used because it is readily available, inexpensive, and easy to install. The oil residue and heat from the compressor will degrade the PVC piping within time causing it to fail drastically. The failure of the PVC can cause injury to anyone standing near the exploded area. If used underground it will be very difficult trying to find where the defect or leak is. 

The question is always going to come down to how much money would you lose if your air system fails.